Sampling: Turning Tryers Into Buyers

When it comes to sampling, it’s serious business for our street teams and experiential marketing pros. We’ve distributed millions of product samples!  In fact, when it comes to creating a brand sampling event we’re pros at consumer sample distribution.  Our field marketing sampling has included samples of all kinds, a sampling of the product sampling includes:

  • Wet sampling
  • Dry sampling
  • Frozen sampling
  • Cooked sampling
  • Stirred sampling
  • Iced sampling
  • Blended sampling
  • Sautéed sampling
  • Grilled sampling

We’ve put product samples in the hands of consumers everywhere. At last count we’ve handed out more than two million samples in more than 500 cities across the country. And at this very moment, as you’re reading this, someone is interacting with one of our amazing Brand Ambassadors or Street Team Members and sampling a product.

We plan the sampling logistics, sampling serving requirements, sampling locations, site fees and even warehouse the samples prior to and during the tour.

Let’s say it’s 105 degrees in the shade and you’re introducing a new ice cream flavor?  No problem.  It’s got to be grilled on-site at exactly 200 degrees for precisely three minutes?  Can do.  Or, maybe the product’s lifecycle is time sensitive and you need to move a bunch of it out your warehouse.  We can do that too.

Trust your samples to be presented correctly.   We take your brand sampling seriously.

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